STORMWATER Innovations

Upstream Technologies is here because we love water. We make the SAFL Baffle stormwater pretreatment treatment system to lower costs for complying with Clean Water Act regulations. Our simple, easy to maintain stormwater quality BMP keeps more water clean.

We work with consulting engineers who need to meet Total Suspended Solids (TSS) goals for their clients, public works engineers who need to reduce detention pond or rain garden maintenance, and utility managers needing to make their existing storm sewer systems work better.


Checklist of SAFL Applications

Innovative Sediment Solutions
The SAFL Baffle is a cost effective option for capturing sands and large silt sediments which will improve the function of your storm sewer. Find out more about how some Engineers are using the SAFL Baffle as part of a treatment train to meet total suspended solids goals.  

Public Works

SAFL Baffle Placement in Manhole

Saving You Money
Stormwater ponds, infiltration basins and underground vaults are essential tools for managing stormwater. Find out how using a SAFL Baffle and sump manhole upstream of your other BMPs as pretreatment can extend their life and reduce Public Works maintenance costs.


A History of  Success
In addition to many popular hydrodynamic separators, sump manholes and sump manholes equipped with a SAFL Baffle were tested extensively and consistently to determine their sedimentation performance.  Regulators – learn more!

Video Overview of SAFL Baffle

Stormwater BMP

Try the SAFL BAFFLE today. Whether you are looking to reduce long term maintenance costs, improve the performance of  your current system, or simply looking to improve the quality of the water and make your storm sewer systems work better, the SAFL BAFFLE System is your answer. Our friendly and courteous engineers are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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